With over 100 years’ experience in winemaking and viticulture in Australia, Ius and the Brand Family have the proven history as a top quality producer capable of meeting customer needs. The Brand family is synonymous with the famous Coonawarra region and is regarded as one of the pioneers of both the district and the Australian wine industry. 

Since 1901, members of the Brand family have been making wine with a legacy that now spans to five-generations. The Brand’s highly-awarded wines are as recognised as the famous Coonawarra, Terra Rossa soil itself and instrumental in establishing the region and Australian wines amongst the world’s most elite. The Brand family are one of the largest landholders in Coonawarra, producing the highest quality fruit and wines from their iconic vineyards. Today in collaboration with its partners in Ius, the Brand Family are producing a range of premium wines from selected vineyard sites throughout South Australia. With supply now available for the Asia Pacific region, these wines will set the benchmark for other Australian producers.