Fine Australian wine delivering quality, provenance and purity from its source

Ius Wines is a global wine company based in Australia’s most famous wine growing region, Coonawarra.
‘Ius’ comes from the Latin word meaning  ‘Elixir, a drink for good health’ and also derives from
‘Dionysus’ the Eternal God of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, symbolised by the grapevine.
 Ius Wines strive to deliver the highest quality wines focussing on its regionality, the purity of the
produce and the environment.
In partnership with renowned winemakers, the Brand Family of Coonawarra, Ius Wines combines extensive business  experience within the Asia Pacific region with the knowledge gained from over 100 years' of high quality wine making.


Wines which are true expressions of the locality and  region
from which they are sourced.


Purity of the local environment in which our
grapes are grown.


Esteemed producers with over 100 years' of wine and viticulture experience.

The Ius Wines Promise

Sourced from South Australia’s premium wine growing regions, the Ius Wines portfolio showcases the diversity of the state and the distinctive flavours and styles which are the hallmarks of each environment. Each wine highlights its provenance and the purity of its environment and sets the benchmark for quality and style.